What does Charisma mean?

What is Charisma ?

Charisma is an innate ability of some human beings to charm , persuade, fascinate or seduce another person through their way of being and acting.

Etymologically, the term “ charisma ” originated from the Greek khárisma , meaning “ grace ” or “ favor ”.


charismatic individual is one endowed with charisma who has a set of qualities that characterize him as a remarkable, admirable or fascinating subject in the eyes of other individuals.

Being charismatic is a very common tactic among politicians, artists and other leaders in an attempt to charm and subtly persuade people.


Charisma Types

Charisma in Communication

In the area of ​​communication , someone’s charisma  is directed predominantly at the approval of the public or even a single interlocutor, and uses natural and rehearsed words and gestures that most are supposed to want to hear and see, even if they are impractical.


In the religious sphere, the charisma is considered one of the gifts of the Holy Spirit , as dictated by the Christian religion, especially the Catholic and evangelical doctrine.

For Christians, this ” Gift of the Holy Spirit ” is only attributed to those who long to follow and serve God.


In the opinion of sociologist Max Weber, being charismatic allows you to exercise a form of power .
The citizens denote an extraordinary personality to the charismatic leader and allow him to influence them.

This type of leadership allowed Adolf Hitler, for example, to build his leadership and exercise his power in a destructive and unreasonable way.

How to be charismatic

Being charismatic is something innate and part of the personality of the human being .
It is an ability likely to be associated with success, to be judged by the life of the charismatic subject , who has a reputation for doing well.

It is in this sense that some say that a person can be helped to be charismatic by enhancing their self-esteem, their speaking skills, and their appearance.

Synonyms of Charisma

  • Attractive
  • Attraction
  • Magnetism
  • Influence
  • Charm
  • Seduction
  • Fascination

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