What is Character?

Meaning of Character

Character is a set of characteristics and traits related to the way an individual or group behaves and reacts. It is the firmness and consistency of attitudes.

It is all the qualities and defects of a person that will determine his conduct and his morality , his character. His values ​​and moral firmness define the coherence of his actions, his conduct and behaviour.

A person known as ” without character ” or ” bad character ” is usually described as dishonest, since he has no firmness in principle or morals. On the other hand, a person of character is one with a solid and indisputable moral background.


The way of being , when it is strong, is not driven by any suggestion of an easier way to accomplish something. Even if at the time it seems like the best way to go, it is the character that will determine the individual’s choice.

Characters  can also be a mark or sign engraved on a surface , such as a letter. Ex: He didn’t understand anything because he can’t read Chinese characters .

Character of an Individual

The man is present, without masks, in his thoughts. These sum up the being, and thus define the character of an individual . The positive aspects of this fundamental component of the personality are slow and gradual achievements, which imply firmness of purpose, determination, courage and persistent effort.

The knowledge of our potential and weaknesses contributes greatly to this construction of the way of being , which undoubtedly implies the transformation of thoughts, that is, their purification. The shadows that dwell in the soul of man were sometimes also sown by him through mental creations.

One realizes, then, that the individual is a construction of himself , he forges himself, in the intimacy of his thoughts. Between the almost perfect being and the instinctive beings, close to animality, there are the most varied degrees of behavior.

Amphoteric Character

The amphoteric character is an expression of the universe of chemistry and biochemistry, a characteristic of substances that can behave as an acid and as a base, depending on the reaction in which it participates. This is the case for aluminum oxide, Al2O and amino acids, because they react with acids and bases.

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