What is caste?

Meaning of Caste

Caste is a traditional, hereditary, or social system of stratification , under law and based on classifications such as race, culture , occupation, religion, etc.

Caste in Sanskrit (ancient language spoken in India) means ” color “.


  • Biology: the caste is a group of individuals that belong to an animal or plant species and that have similar characteristics transmitted by inheritance.
  • Viticulture : Casta  is a variety that produces grapes with specific or similar characteristics.
  • Oenology: are the aromas transmitted to the wine by the grapes that gave rise to it, being possible to identify the varieties with which they were produced through tasting.


caste system

India and some Hindu countries, such as Nepal, have a caste system , which is a major social division in Hindu society. The Indian Constitution rejects caste-based discrimination in line with the democratic and secular principles that founded the nation.

The caste is a hereditary social group , in which the status of the individual is passed from father to son, and each member can only marry people of his own group.

There are four types of castes in India: the Brahmins , who are the priests and scholars, the Kshatriya , the warriors, the Vaishasque , the merchants, and the Shudrasdra , the servants, the peasants, the artisans, and the workers. .

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