What is Carpe Diem?

Meaning of Carpe Diem

Carpe diem is a Latin expression meaning ” seize the day “. This is the literal translation, and it does not mean to enjoy a specific day, but it has the meaning of making the most of the present , enjoying the present.

The term was written by the Roman poet Horácio (65 BC-8 BC), in book I of ” Odes “, in which he advises his friend Leucone the phrase: “… carpe diem, quam minim postero credula .” for the phrase it would be “… harvest today and trust as little as possible tomorrow ”.

The meaning of Carpe Diem is an invitation to enjoy the present time , to enjoy the moments intensely without thinking too much about what the future holds.

Horácio follows the epicurean line and defends that life is short and that beauty is perishable . Since death is the only certainty, the gift must be used before it is too late.

Carpe Diem is living today without worrying about tomorrow. It is enjoying life and the pleasures of the moment in which you live. This expression has the objective of remembering that life is short and fleeting and, therefore, every moment must be used.

This theme is very popular in the field of literature, and was of great importance in the Renaissance and Mannerism era.


In the movie “ Dead Poets Society ”, the message of “ carpe diem ” is conveyed at a certain point to the young students to remind them of the brevity of life and that therefore they must live it in an extraordinary way.

The Carpe diem concept has become very popular and that is why many people get tattoos with this Latin expression.

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