What is Caliphate?

Caliphate Meaning

Caliphate is the name of the regime led by a caliph . The territory and period governed by one of these Muslim leaders also receives this denomination.

To understand what a caliphate is or therefore, it is essential to understand the notion of a caliph. This term derives from the French language ” calife “, although it has its etymological origin in a classical Arabic word that can be translated as ” vicar “.

The word “ caliph ” is derived from khalifa , a shortened version of khalifatu rasulil-lah , an expression meaning “ Successor of the Messenger of God ”, in Arabic translation.

The caliph is the main head of a caliphate , which is a kind of system of government of Muslims that is based on Islamic laws (sharia).


Caliph is the title held by those considered to be delegates and successors of the prophet Mohammed , who had civil and religious authority in certain regions.

The caliphs led the Muslim people , but they were not considered prophets. Its function was to establish and govern a model in accordance with the precepts of Mohammed.

The first was the so-called Orthodox Caliphate , which lasted from 632 to 661. In this Caliphate there were four different Caliphs, the first being Abu Bakr as-Siddiq who was the successor of Muhammad.

The Orthodox caliphate is the only one that recognizes both Shi’ism and Sunnism. Then there were others, but with different orientations. The Sunnis include the Umayyad, the Omyad of Cordoba, the Abbasid, and the Ottoman. The Shiites, on the other hand, had the Fatimid.

Today, the concept of caliphate is often used with reference to territories that Islamic terrorists dominate or seek to dominate. These extremist groups seek to establish governments governed by an interpretation of the Koran that supports violence and persecution of those who profess another religion.

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