What is Caligram?

Calligram Meaning

The term calligram, which comes from the French word “ calligramme ”, refers to a text that, thanks to the organization of the letters, is also formed like a drawing. Therefore, calligrams often combine poetry with the graphic representation of figures linked to the theme of the verses.

Calligrams can be said to be part of visual poetry . In this case, the words create an image that visually expresses what the words themselves mention.

Suppose a poet writes about a lion. To make a calligram , he will have to display the words of his verse in a way that he visually creates the image of one of these animals. In other words: when writing his poem on paper, he will have to draw a lion figure with the verses. This will create a calligram .

Those who wish to form a calligram related to flowers will have to do the same. You must first think about the content: it can be a poem, a reflection or even isolated words. When you transfer this content to paper or canvas, you must arrange it in a way that forms a flower design, creating the calligram in question.

Throughout history, many writers have been noted for their calligrams . One of the most important was Guillaume Apollinaire, a French poet born in 1880 and died in 1918. The Spanish Gerardo Diego, the Cuban Guillermo Cabrera Infante, the Chilean Vicente Huidobro and the Argentine Oliverio Girondo are other outstanding calligraphers.

What is it for

Express a message through visual poetry, that is, communicate the essence of the poetic self through the sense of sight. When a person carefully reads a text message and enjoys the image of the calligram , he realizes that there is a harmony between both planes, that is, what the text expresses and what the image represents is exactly the same.

Visual poetry

The origin of visual poetry is avant- garde and emerged at the beginning of the 20th century as soon as the innovation of artistic production was improved. This is a turning point on traditional poetry. A turning point that gives the poem a pictorial air.

Although poetry may seem like a confusing genre for some readers who feel little identification with this type of literature or have difficulty understanding the message that the poet wants to express, on the contrary, the calligram is a very interesting poetic form that allows somehow It is easier to understand an idea since the image becomes a reinforcement of the text message.

Fun way to write poetry

This type of visual poem is especially appreciated by children and adolescents, as it shows a fun way to learn poetry. Currently, there are computer programs to make calligrams using technological resources, however, originally, these poems were made by hand.

They are very creative and ingenious poems full of beauty where the image is in the first place in relation to the text. Through Google, people can find various handwriting templates that will help them appreciate this different type of poetry that strikes the heart of the reader.

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