What is Bee?

Meaning and Definition of Bee

Bees are insects related to wasps and ants. They live in all parts of the world except Antarctica. There are more than 20 thousand species of bees. The best known are honey bees (that is, they produce honey) and bumblebees.

Humans have been keeping bees for about 4,000 years, due to the honey and wax. Beeswax is used to make candles, salves, and other products.

Physical Characteristics 

An adult bee measures between 2 millimeters and 4 centimeters in length. Most bees are black, often with yellow or brown stripes . Its small, hard body is covered with fur and it has, like any insect, six legs.

Bees have two wings, five eyes, and mouth parts that act like a long tongue. The females have a stinger and can sting, but the males do not.

Bee and Pollination

Bees get their food from flowers. This food consists of a sugary liquid called nectar and a powder called pollen. Bees convert nectar into honey. They feed the young with honey and pollen. As they move from one flower to another, bees spread a little pollen , fulfilling a very important task for nature.

When pollen from one flower enters another of the same species, the plant that received the pollen can form seeds , which will spawn new plants and thus new flowers.

Pollination is necessary for the growth of many types of fruits and vegetables . In some places, farmers “ rent ” bees and keep them temporarily on their property so they can pollinate crops.


Most bees live in small families, but some live in large, organized groups. In this category of social bees are honey bees and some bumblebees. They are divided into classes.

Most of the females belong to the group of worker bees . Workers collect pollen, build the nest, and care for the young. Each nest has a queen, whose eggs hatch into females. The eggs of the workers give rise to the males, known as drones. They are meant to help the queen reproduce.

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