What is Autodidact?

Self-taught Meaning

Self-taught is an adjective of two genders and a noun used to refer to a person who has the ability to learn something on their own without the help of a teacher or mentor. Someone who learns something on their own.

Example: “ She is self-taught in English .”

Self – taught people are known for their willpower and persistence in learning something, be it a subject, a musical instrument, a language, among other things. Without the help of a teacher who can instruct the first steps, the self- taught person faces considerable difficulties early in the learning process.

The self-paced learning process includes intense research on the subject you want to master, as well as continuous exercise using the hit-and-miss technique.


Self – taught people are often mistaken for nerds, but the difference is in the pleasure of studying without someone’s help. Whereas nerds like to study. In fact, self- taught students enjoy the learning process more than the end result.

Self – learning is not considered a “natural gift”, that is, a characteristic that is born with the individual. Everyone can be self-taught, theoretically. Some people consider self-study an “ easier ” method of learning and find teaching with a teacher unsatisfactory.

In English, the word autodidact can be translated as autodidact or self-taught

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