what is aura?

Meaning of Aura

Aura is the feminine noun meaning breeze, light breeze, or gentle wind. It can also be a mystical or astrological concept , representing an energy field that surrounds a living being.

In the philosophical field , the aura represents a kind of halo that surrounds the body of a person . It is not accepted by everyone, as there is no scientific evidence to prove its existence.

In a figurative sense , the aura can indicate an immaterial energy that surrounds a certain being. In this case, the aura can be good or bad , or it can have colors. Yes, a good person, or emotionally balanced, has an aura with strong and vivid colors. Depending on the aura, different sensations can be transmitted to the surrounding people.

Also figuratively, an aura can refer to a public admiration or esteem for someone .

In medicine , aura can designate a sensation that occurs before an epileptic seizure. Some people describe this sensation as a ball rising from the stomach to the mouth. In this case, the sensation is different depending on where in the brain the crisis originates.

In Greek mythology, Aura was a nymph who was quick as a breeze, a trait she used when accompanying the Greek goddess Artemis on the hunt.

Different Concepts

Since the infancy of humanity, life has been governed by the harmony between the human mind and the cosmos , partners in the creation of hypotheses and concepts . Man is involved in a network that relates him to the other and the universe; all intertwine and interact within the realm of creation, and tuning is an inescapable law.

If the person is sad, he emits an aura corresponding to this sadness , which becomes a certain mental wave, which vibrates in a specific way. Therefore, each being emits around him, every time he elaborates an idea, formulates words or performs actions, an energetic atmosphere that reflects the mental conditions, desires, feelings, images produced in the mind.

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