What is Assertive?

Meaning of Assertive

The word ‘ assertive ‘ means everything that is correct , objective and affirmative . It is a word classified as an adjective that has the function of characterizing an action or behavior .

Assertiveness is an emotional competence that determines that an individual can take a clear position . An assertive person affirms his self and his self-esteemdemonstrates security and knows what he wants and what goal he wants to achieve.

Assertiveness is generally related to positive thinking and being proactive , someone taking charge of their life.

Assertiveness does not mean that a person is right or wrong, but it does indicate that the person announces and defends their ideas with vigor and respect for the listener.

Assertive Psychology

According to psychology, an assertive or assertive person is one who is confident and passes credibility through their actions, attitudes or their way of acting.

For professionals working in the field of behavioral psychology, these attitudes that we have or the way we act can be classified or divided into four main categories. They are:

  • Assertive
  • Passives
  • passive aggressive
  • Aggressive

Therefore, it can be said that an assertive person is one who has control over his life and is classified as a person who has a balanced behavior.

The word ” assertive ” can also be used to characterize behaviors within certain professional areas.

Workers who have rational balance and emotional control are, in general, considered assertive professionals, since they are the ones who manage to make important decisions at decisive moments.

Synonyms of assertive

The following words are synonymous with assertive:

  • Law
  • Right
  • Sign
  • Correct

Assertive in a sentence

  • Being calm and assertive is the secret to having good results.
  • Be assertive and control your life.
  • To be an assertive professional, a lot of training is required.
  • Be assertive in your life choices.
  • Being assertive is being consistent with what you believe.

Assertive communication

Assertive communication refers to a communication carried out with honesty , transparency and objectivity .

It is possible to find this type of communication in mature people, well resolved and with good self-esteem. However, it is not difficult to obtain them, as well as all things in life, if you want it, you will achieve it.

To be aware of the importance of clear communication, know that country representatives and government leaders must necessarily have assertive communication and for this reason they exercise these skills almost daily.

Therefore, if you are interested in improving your image before people , before society and transmitting trust and credibility, know that the first thing you must develop is assertive communication skills.

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