What is Arianism?

Meaning of Arianism

Arianism was originally a philosophical thought that did not consider Jesus Christ and God as one person .

This idea arose in the first centuries of Christianity , stating that there could only be one God and that Jesus was only his son. Although considered a being superior to man, Jesus was not a god for the followers of Arianism .

Etymologically, the word Arianism would have come from the name Arius , a Christian priest from Alexandria who would have created this new doctrine.

Arian thought is considered a heresy for the Catholic Church, and the main combatant of this doctrine was Saint Athanasius of Alexandria.

Today, some religious doctrines still use the fundamentals of Arianism , such as the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who do not believe in the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as one person).


Arianism and Nazism

Arianism or the  Aryan race was one of the foundations of Nazi thought during World War II.

The concept of the Aryan race, preached by Adof Hitler, said that the Germans descended from the purest line of human beings, made up of tall, strong, white and intelligent people.

In this context, the word “ aria ” arose from the Sanskrit term arya, which means “ noble ”. Today, the idea of ​​​​the Aryan race is completely discredited and is even considered a crime.

Arianism and Monophysitism

Arianism, as a religious doctrine, defended the idea that Jesus Christ was not a divine being , but only a son of God.

However, Monophysitism , a Christological thought, argues that Jesus had only one nature: the divine. According to the doctrine preached by Eutychius in the fifth century, human nature is always absorbed by the divine.

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