What is Analysis?

Meaning of Analysis

An analysis is the distinction and separation of the parts of a whole to know the respective principles or elements.

It is also an examination of a work, writing or any reality susceptible to intellectual study and psychoanalytic treatment.

On the other hand, an analysis can be a study of the limits, characteristics and possible solutions of a problem to which computer processing is applied.

Whenever clinical analysis is mentioned , reference is made to a qualitative and quantitative examination of certain components or substances in the body according to specialized methods, for the purpose of making a diagnosis .

On the other hand, qualitative analysis can be distinguished from quantitative analysis .

Qualitative analysis is one that seeks to discover and isolate the elements or ingredients of a composite body.


Quantitative analysis , on the other hand, is used to determine the amount of each item or ingredient.


Among many other types of examination , it is worth highlighting the dimensional (a method that analyzes the dimensions of physical magnitudes and that allows establishing relationships directly, which intervene in a process),

The spectral (method of chemical examination using spectroscopic techniques).

Factorial (statistical method designed to quantify the importance of each of the factors acting on a given phenomenon), .

Of the stock market (aims to study the behavior of the financial markets and the values ​​that constitute them).

Transactional (individual and social psychotherapy system that encompasses humanistic psychology).

Syntax Analysis

It is the part of grammar responsible for studying all the functions and connections of the parts that make up the periods and their respective clauses.

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