What does Amnesty mean?

What is amnesty?

Amnesty is the official pardon granted . It is an act of the legislature in which the consequences of a punishable act and any procedure in this regard are extinguished.

The word derives from the Greek amnesty , meaning ” forgetfulness .”

In its current meaning, the act of amnesty is a “ forgetting ” of the crimes committed, that is, it creates a legal fiction, as if illicit conduct had never been practiced.

The word is a concept of law , but when used informally in the sense of forgiving it can have the words pardon and absolution as synonyms.

There are several types of Amnesty


Tax amnesty is provided for in article 180 of the National Tax Code, and can only be granted to crimes before the law grants the concession.

It occurs only in the case of violations of tax laws , such as in the case of non-payment of certain taxes. It does not apply to crimes and tax violations.

The tax amnesty aims to reduce the tax burden of companies and is granted by specific law of the legislative body that instituted the respective taxes or contributions.


The criminal amnesty is irrevocable and it is the exclusion of responsibility before a criminal action, but that does not extinguish civil responsibility.

It is a decision of the State not to convict the defendant used when he is already convicted, or to avoid the proceedings altogether. It occurs only in case the beneficiary is not a repeat offender.

Differences between amnesty, grace and pardon.

The terms amnesty, pardon, and pardon are sometimes used synonymously. But they present differences in their concepts:

In the amnesty the crime is extinguished , as well as its consequences and sanction. It is related to political crimes and granted by the Legislative Power.

Grace maintains the crime and its consequences , eliminating only the penalty. It is for common crimes, must be requested individually and is granted by the President of the Republic.

Indulgence , like grace, excludes punishment, but still the crime and its consequences remain with the accused.

It is used for common crimes and is granted by the President of the Republic in a collective and spontaneous manner.

International Amnesty

It is an international organization founded in 1961 that fights for human rights.

One of its goals is to help people who have been arrested because of their political beliefs . Many of these are tortured, without any defense.

Amnesty International won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1977.

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