What is Almanac?

Meaning of Almanac

An almanac is an annual publication that includes all kinds of information . Next time you’re in the library, grab an almanac and read it for him. If you can’t find one, you can always search for an almanac online .

What is an Almanac for?

You will be surprised to find tons of interesting information , such as weather forecasts, the best dates to plant crops, when the sun will rise and set, the dates of eclipses and the times of tides.

The almanacs even include a variety of information such as world records, population statistics, recipes, holiday tidbits, and predictions on trends in fashion, food, home decor, technology, and lifestyle for the coming year.

America’s oldest almanac, the Old Farmer’s Almanac , has been published annually since 1792. In the early years of publication, the almanac cost about four cents on the dollar!

Farmers, in particular, quickly learned to appreciate The Old Farmer’s Almanac’s weather forecast for the coming year.

To determine weather predictions for the coming year, editor Robert B. Thomas first studied solar activity, astronomy, and weather patterns.

He then used this information to develop a secret forecasting system . Current publishers still use their system today!

Some people say the information is so secret that it is kept in a special box at the almanac’s offices in Dublin, New Hampshire.

So how accurate are the weather forecasts in The Old Farmer’s Almanac? Well, there is a debate about that.

Although the editors admit that no one can predict the weather with complete accuracy, they claim an accuracy rate of 80 percent.

Critics claim its accuracy rate is closer to 2 percent, while others say the forecasts are so vague there’s no way to really know.

If you’ve ever seen The Old Farmer’s Almanac , you might be curious about the hole in the corner. This special feature allowed subscribers to hang the book from a nail or string.

Why would anyone want to hang their almanac from a rope? Believe it or not, the Old Farmer’s Almanac came before toilet paper, and many subscribers hung their copy in their outhouse and tore out pages to use as toilet paper !

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