What is Alley?

Alley Meaning

An alley is a very narrow path between buildings or elevations . The concept can be used as a synonym for alley.

For example : “ I recommend that you do not walk through this alley at night: it is very dark ”, “ The Ecuadorian artist will perform tomorrow at the alley theater ”, “ The museum is at the end of the alley ”.

The alleys emerged a long time ago. In medieval times, they were common in European cities and even constituted a kind of network to circulate through the city center.


The alleys were also indispensable in the Arab neighborhoods known as the medinas. During the colonial period, many American housing developments turned to alleys to allow movement.

The narrow alleys protect passers-by from the wind and help to minimize the sensation of heat on hot days . In any case, urban development and the growth of the automobile fleet mean that alleys are becoming less frequent today, although many are still preserved due to their historical or cultural relevance.

Depending on the region, the concept of an alley may refer to a dead end street ; a short street, although not always narrow; a rural road that forms between rows of crops; or even to certain buildings.

The expression “ dead end ”, on the other hand, refers to a problem whose resolution is impossible or at least very complex: “ I am in a dead end: tomorrow I have to pay the loan and I have no money ”, “ The words of the club president left the coach in a dead end .”

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