What does agnostic mean?

What is agnostic?

Agnostic is one who considers supernatural phenomena inaccessible to human understanding.

The word derives from the Greek term agnostos which means ” unknown” .


They are followers of agnosticism , which considers it useless to discuss metaphysical topics, since they are realities that cannot be reached through knowledge.

For agnostics, human reason does not have the capacity to rationally base the existence of God.

Agnostic Theist or Atheist

A theological agnostic admits that he has no knowledge that proves the existence of God, but believes in the possibility of the existence of one or more deities.

The atheist agnostic also admits to not having knowledge that proves the non-existence of God, but does not believe in the possibility of a deity.


The term “ agnostic ” was used in the 19th century by the English naturalist Thomas Henry Huxley (1825-1895), when he described his doubts about some religious beliefs, the power attributed to God, and the meaning of life and the universe.

Famous Agnostics

Some of the more famous agnostics are:

  • Albert Camus
  • Bill Gates
  • charlie chaplin
  • Brad Pitt

Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges stated about agnosticism:

[su_box title=”Jorge Luis Borges” box_color=”#487dd8″ radius=”1″]”I don’t know if there is someone on the other side, but being an agnostic means that everything is possible, even God”. This world is so strange, anything can happen, or it doesn’t. That makes me more tolerant.”[/su_box]

Difference between agnostic and atheist.

In a religious sense, an agnostic is someone who does not believe in the existence of a god or a ” superior being “, but does not deny this possibility, because it is rationally inaccessible place.

It is different from the atheist , who has no beliefs or religion and who does not believe in the existence of god(s) or any other higher entity.

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