What is agglutination?

Meaning of Agglutination

Agglutination is a word that means union , mixture , combination or fusion . It can be used to express the union of objects , words, people, etc.

The term is also applied in language study and in biology .


In the study of language, agglutination refers to a process of word formation . In this composition process, two or more words come together and give rise to a new term.

When agglutination occurs, words undergo changes in their forming elements , and elements may be lost or exchanged.

The newly formed word has only a stressed accent and has a different meaning from the words used in the agglutination composition process.


Examples of Linguistic Agglutination

  • water + burning = brandy
  • en+ hour + good = Congratulations


Juxtaposition, like agglutination, is a word composition process . The difference is that in juxtaposition, there are no exchanges or losses of the elements that make up the words, which remain united, without undergoing changes in sound, stress or even in the form of writing.

Examples of juxtaposition

  • tour + sun = sunflower
  • pass + time = hobby
  • kick + foot = kick

in biology

In the area of ​​biology, the term agglutination refers to a reaction that occurs in the body . Agglutinin, an antibody found in blood plasma, reacts when it comes into contact with antigens or agglutinogens (molecules present in the body), which exist on red blood cells (erythrocytes).

The antibody binds to the antigen, changing its initial state and appearance. Agglutination can occur in different ways , depending on the type of antigen (agglutinogen) that the antibodies come into contact with.

This process is used to identify, for example, what type of bacteria or fungus is present in a person’s body. It can also be used to identify an individual ‘s blood type and factor  .

Identification of blood type and HR factor

The agglutination reaction to discover the blood type is carried out by contacting, in an examination, the analyzed blood with a solution containing RH antibodies.

Depending on the reaction observed, the results will be determined.

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