Adopted school offering world-class music education under Zindagi Trust, said Shehzad Roy

Renowned Pakistani music maestro Shehzad Roy recently captured the attention of the social media sphere with a groundbreaking educational endeavor supported by his Zindagi Trust.

This initiative is dedicated to delivering high-quality education to students hailing from working-class backgrounds. A heartwarming video emerged, showcasing three young students deeply engrossed in a violin performance as a part of the music program at the Fatima Jinnah Government School. The video swiftly went viral, evoking inspiration and heartfelt emotions among its viewers.

Accompanying the video, the ‘Laga Re’ singer conveyed a powerful message, stating, “This isn’t an exclusive private institution; it’s the Fatima Jinnah Government School, embraced by @ZindagiTrust. Within its walls, we have established world-class music programs complete with professionally designed studios. Young girls here are mastering a diverse range of musical genres, from Beethoven to Eastern classical music, and the best part? There are no tuition fees involved. We are steering the course of change.”

The brief yet impactful clip garnered appreciation from notable personalities such as Sajal Aly, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, and numerous other users.

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