What is Admiration?

Meaning of Admiration

Admiration is the word that expresses the special consideration that you have or feel for someone or something , for affection or for the qualities that they present, as appropriate.
Example: María has great admiration for her grandmother and dedicated her book to her.

In general, when someone admires another , it is because they have remarkable, positive and original attributes or properties, causing an abundant impact. However, it is important to point out that admiration is directly related to subjectivity , because what for someone is a matter of admiration for another person may be for nothing.


The concept that contrasts in this sense of the word is that of repulsion , which refers to the aversion that something provokes.
On the other hand, the word admiration is possible for us to use in our language to express the surprise that something wakes us up.
Examples: His elegance aroused the admiration of all the guests at the party.

However, in the area of ​​philosophy, admiration is composed as the basis of the discipline , because it is through it that the philosopher proposes to delve into the topics that surprise him.

And in the case of spelling, admiration marks also called exclamation marks are written this way! They are always used with the intention of emphasizing a comment, concept, order, among other options, therefore, when it appears in a document to be read, in a comment presented, it will have to give an exclamation intonation.

Example: Nice to see you again, Laura! What a wonderful prize!

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