What is Accessory?

Meaning of Accessory

It is called an accessory to the elements or components that are part of the equipment of a machine, the clothing of an individual or something necessary to be able to carry out a special activity.

However, these elements or components remain an important and integral part of this main whole. Don a secondary part that always depends on another fact or theme for its reason for being.

Another key characteristic of accessories is that they are constantly used over time, except when their service is required for some reason.


For example, machine attachments , such as the tractor, meet the types of agricultural implements, however they are used when necessary because the mechanism will work anyway, i.e. it does not depend on it for its operation.

This is another of the characteristics that best describes an accessory , that is, they are necessary and make up the whole, however, it is not that the machine cannot be used without them.

The same happens with a car, the mandatory accessories of a vehicle are: the spare tire, the fire extinguisher, the set of lights and the headlight.

However, fashion is one of the areas where the theme of accessories occupies a preferred place and sometimes even becomes an essential condition.
Bags, glasses, belts, socks, jewelry, hair accessories, scarves, gloves, hats, necklaces or any other item that the person in question has, are some of the main accessories that contribute and help create a look. Fashion.

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