What is Abstract?

abstract meaning

Abstract is everything that results from an abstraction of an alienation. It is what only exists in an idea, in the concept.

In philosophy, the impalpable is any representation that does not correspond to any sensory data or concept . It is what is difficult to understand.

In a figurative sense , abstract means distracted, absorbed. In the abstract colloquial sense it means something vague, inexact . It is common to use the expression ” is pure abstraction ” to define something that has a limited meaning.

In grammar, abstract nouns are those that designate actions, qualities or states, and that have no existence of their own, they exist only in the conception of the mind. Ex: kindness, beauty, justice, love, anger, etc.


The word is a masculine noun, whose origin is in Latin, abstractus , and means separated, taken by force. It is also important to highlight another meaning of the word abstract , an example would be when someone does not show attention to something, that is, distracted.



Some synonyms of Abstract can be:

Subjective, immaterial, imaginary, theoretical, philosophical, impalpable, metaphysical, intangible, inaccurate, vague, obscure, confused, incomprehensible, unfocused, absorbed, distracted, inattentive, alien.


Some antonyms of Abstract can be:

Concrete, real, tangible, practical, attentive, clear, visible, considered, intelligible, understandable.

Phrases with the word Abstract

Love is the most abstract and most powerful force in the world.

– Mahatma Gandhi

We repeat what we want, but we do not seek. And abstractly, you delude yourself that you did

– Oswaldo Montenegro

Everyone is an abstraction and everyone is true.

– Jorge Luis Borges

Abstract art

Abstract art is the manifestation that represents forms and content, it is not related to any figurative representation and transcends the external appearances of reality.

Surrealism characterizes subjective art well , where the highlight was the denial of logic and the valorization of immaterial thought.

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