What is Absorption?


Absorption is the property of some bodies to assimilate something . Therefore, there are materials that allow substances to be captured more or less easily. Anyway, to fully understand this phenomenon, let’s briefly summarize it in its various contexts.

Absorption Types


In science, specifically in chemistry, absorption explains how some materials assimilate certain substances
. Paper, coal, and plaster are good examples of water receptors. On the other hand, energy can also be absorbed and this is what happens in the case of heat absorption.


Sound is a complex phenomenon in which there is acoustic absorption (sound-absorbing properties). There are certain materials and structures with certain characteristics that allow sound waves to be assimilated in one way or another and this absorption capacity is studied through acoustics.


In relation to the human body, more specifically the digestion process, there is nutrient absorption . The nutrients that feed us are ingested through an absorption process of the digestive tract, something produced by some specialized cells for this purpose.


Pharmacological absorption is the passage of substances from the site of contact, which can be an organ, the skin, the endothelium, into the blood. This step is done through cell membranes, which act as barriers. Therefore, absorption is only possible for enteral and topical medications.


Movement of a fluid or dissolved substance across cell membranes, as is the case in food when it is absorbed by the circulatory system, and in plants, when water and mineral salts are absorbed from the soil to the roots


This is a consequence of tectonics and sometimes volcanism, which leads to the decrease of a land zone with a more or less significant surface area.

light absorption

Partial fixation of light radiation, incident on material bodies, which results in the color of these bodies if the absorbed radiation belongs to the visible area of ​​the spectrum.


Transfer of energy from an electromagnetic radiation beam, sound wave, particle beam, etc., to the passing material or the body surface it strikes


In the electricity that is applied to the industry, there is an absorption intended for cold processing through condensers. Among astronomers, interstellar absorption
is often referred to when a star dims from a considerable distance. This is due to the existence of clouds of dust and gases.

In the study of the phonetic structures of the language, evolutionary changes occur in the articulation of sounds, a condition called phonetic absorption. Linguists study these changes in pronunciation in order to understand the characteristics and use of a language within different territories.

In the business world, it is quite common for large corporations to absorb smaller entities , from which they grow larger and larger through a process of assimilation.

Therefore, it is seen that the same term has a wide variety of application spheres. In this case,  it applies to the properties of certain materials , in some scientific or technical disciplines, in relation to the human body, language, or business.

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