What is Abnegation?

Meaning of Abnegation

Abnegation is a word that describes an action or attitude of giving up or rejecting something or someone .

When a person shows self-sacrifice, they give up some behavior or something. Therefore, the definition of selflessness refers to a form of sacrifice, such as the act of ignoring one’s own interests.

Ex: My mother is the best example of selflessness, because she sacrificed her career to raise her children.

In most cases, abnegation has a positive meaning . However, it can also reveal a person’s disinterest or indifference.

Ascetic self – denial is closely related to asceticism, an attitude of denial, renunciation or abstention from pleasure and material things, with the aim of achieving moral and spiritual perfection.

In the context of literature, Abnegation is one of the five factions in the book “ Divergent ” by the American Veronica Roth.


In the field of religion, self-sacrifice is an important topic , and it is a wise attitude for those who follow a religious doctrine. In Christianity, for example, Jesus advises in Luke 9:23 people who want to follow him to deny themselves and carry his own cross.

In Spiritualism , Allan Kardec also spoke about the importance of self-denial.

Abnegation and Altruism

Selflessness and altruism are synonymous because they refer to an attitude of generosity towards something or someone.

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